Starting now, the FIGO AIR complements the LÖFFLER product range with its two variants. Available with headrest as FIGO AIR KN and without headrest as FIGO AIR 1N.

The FIGO AIR once again proves that form and function are a perfect match. 

It is a chair for your office which meets the most stringent demands for design and ergonomics. The ingenious design of the office chair scores with numerous adjustment possibilities to support your personal sitting style. The netted backrest with adjustable lumbar support emphasizes its optical lightness. The swivel chair also ensures optimized air circulation, like driving in a convertible.

Sporty and dynamic - this is what the LÖFFLER FIGO AIR stands for

With the FIGO AIR you decide on a companion for every day work, which provides refreshing sitting at the desk. The flexible headrest helps make comfortable sitting a reality. The optional attachment of a clothes hanger at the headrest is a practical addition which gives the FIGO AIR KN a certain something. Like with all LÖFFLER products, you receive a 30-year manufacturer guarantee for the FIGO AIR.

Just try out the FIGO AIR yourself!

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