LÖFFLER at the Business Cup!

Premiere of LÖFFLER football team

This past Saturday, 12.03.2016, our company football team appeared at the Business Cup in the Kickfabrik in Nuremberg in order to measure their skills against those of other company teams.

The games took place on a small pitch, five against five. There were 15 teams competing with fair play and passion.
Like always, the LÖFFLER crew was focused on winning. In a great mood and with the support of their colleagues and boss, the team started against the Meinl Kickers in Group B.
In an exciting game with slight problems at the beginning, the team was unable to apply their skills to the full extent and the game was lost 0:4 against the Group B winner.

After a brief team gathering and the support of Werner Löffler, the team regained its courage, analysed its mistakes, and prepared mentally for the next match against the Autohaus Kropf team. The analysis had worked and we were able to see a strong LÖFFLER team from the start in this second game. We scored two fantastic goals with deep passes to the front!
Unfortunately, our strong opponent was not asleep at the wheel and also scored twice. The game ended in a very justified tie.

Just after noon, the tournament continued against the team of the Hays Ag. It was a good game with many nice plays and hard fought throughout the 10 minute period. Our opponent was able to score the decisive goal for the 3:2 victory in the final minute. Still, our team kept their heads up and, during the break, worked on a strategy for the last opponent, the Mangelberger Elektrotechnik GmbH.

Full of energy and with the will to give everything in the last game, the LÖFFLER team started. This game also turned out to be the toughest one for the team. With lots of contact , the opponent pressured us and provoked lots of fouls which resulted in two-minute penalties. Despite the rough game and several injuries, the LÖFFLER team continued to fight and win duels. LÖFFLER was able to score two great goals during penalty periods for our opponent. In turn, the defence also did its job and did not allow even one goal, dominating our opponent!
With the final score of 2:0 for LÖFFLER we reached fourth place in Group B. Considering this was the first appearance of our team – with very little time to prepare – this was a very successful start into the LÖFFLER football career.

It was easy to see that the team was now full of pride and ambition. They already announced that they would play again next year and to win it all this time.
We would like to congratulate our team who showed lots of passion, team spirit, and enthusiasm throughout the entire tournament!

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