LÖFFLER in Düsseldorf

On November 26 and April 27, 2017, LÖFFLER issued invitations to the Skyloft in Düsseldorf for a very special event. The modern Skyloft in the brown stone building of the former ceramics firing plant with its extraordinary New Yorker charm, the almost five meter high rooms, and the breath-taking view of Düsseldorf offered a representative ambience for our LÖFFLER furniture. Guests, partners, and friends of the house followed the invitation and were welcomed by the artist behind our outstanding LÖFFLER collages, Dr. Thomas Schriefers, and the entire LÖFFLER Team.

During a laid-back come-together, we showed off the entire LÖFFLER world around the newcomers KAKASBOS and LUCEMANO. The KAKASBOS sofa with its innovative back and side rest offered a special retreat for interesting conversations. The cushions added to the comfort and rounded out the fantastic design. LUCEMANO, our "light tree", scored with its modern charm and the possibility of individual design of the luminous olive wood spheres. The special thing about the spheres is that they are removable and magnetic and run for hours on batteries. The three light intensity levels of the spheres garnered surprised and fascinated exclamations from the visitors and positive feedback across the board.

A special highlight was the visit by Katsuhito Nishikawa with his wife. He is the designer of our NK1 and NK2. On the very personal LÖFFLER journey through the different furniture areas, the visitors were guided and inspired on location by our team.

There were great sales meetings at our new seating group of farmhouse furniture, while the soaped table top made from beech heartwood was constantly caressed and admired by curious guests.

A special experience for both guests and LÖFFLER employees was the personal meet-and-greet. Face to face – finally have a face to go with the voice one hears on the phone, often several times a day. So guests could enjoy interesting conversations and healthy finger food as well as a breath-taking view above the roofs of Düsseldorf.

We would like to thank all of our guests for the number in which they showed up and hope that they enjoyed the event as much as we did!

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