LÖFFLER issues 30-year guarantee!

Retroactive to 01.01.2015, LÖFFLER offers its customers a 30-year guarantee on the entire product range. There is no extra charge for this service, it is included in the purchase price. In this way we would like to express our belief that our product are top quality, not just in terms of look but also in terms of quality. You must present the original invoice to make a guarantee claim. Cover fabrics are not covered by this guarantee, as they naturally wear faster.

It is important to us that we save resources in our work instead of just producing "disposable products". For this reason, we design and produce long-lived furniture which can be passed from generation to generation.
Topics like sustainability, value retention, and responsibility for future generations are dear to our heart at LÖFFLER. We claim to make furniture that will bring its users joy for a long time – in form, function, and quality.

We also offer our customers a restoration and repair service for all high-quality furniture that has been around for a long time which we perform in our own shows, to maintain their value.

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