LÖFFLER – Much more than just swivelling chairs

LÖFFLER does a lot more than just swivelling chairs. The most important thing for us in our daily work is customer contact and customer satisfaction.

In order to ensure satisfaction, we created our LÖFFLER Customer Value. Part of Customer Value consists of restoring seating and furniture and implementing special requests of our customers right on location.
LÖFFLER has always had the position that its owners should be able to enjoy their furniture their entire life.

For instance, LÖFFLER designed a great individual upholstery solution for the physical therapy practice "Physio-Berthold" in Lauf a.d. Pegnitz, which our customers really enjoy. The waiting area of the practice was equipped with a specifically adopted seating solution in form of a bench with backrest. Six seats were developed for this bench.

The cushions are filled with visco-elastic foam and covered in synthetic leather. The visco-elastic foam is a high-performance material which was originally developed for space travel. It is especially high-performance and durable and can thus live up to any requirements. The material adjust perfectly to body shapes and pressure-sensitive areas (e.g. the back of the thigh) are given relief.

The colour design of the synthetic leather id unlimited due to the large selection at LÖFFLER. Apart from that, the synthetic leather is easy to clean with a moist rag and it is possible to disinfect the surfaces without residues.




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