Ré­su­mé of the SITZPUNKTE exhibition



Reichenschwand, 18.02.2016. On February 12, the "SITZPUNKTE" exhibition at the State Ministry for Finance, State Development, and Homeland in Nuremberg closed. It was opened by State Minister Dr. Markus Söder together with the initiators Werner Löffler and Dr. Thomas Schriefers. The exhibition took place from 01.02.2016 to 12.02.2016 in Bankgasse 9 in Nuremberg. It featured select exhibits from the Werner Löffler Collection as well as sketches and pictures which stimulated discussion of the question "What is a good chair?" – private, public, and institutional.

Experience chairs! Feel chairs! Let chairs tell you a story!

State Minister Dr. Markus Söder opened the exhibition on Monday, February 1, 2016 in front of about 200 invited guests. For this purpose, he provided his former chair from the State Assembly for the vernissage and thus provided visitors with an insight into institutional sitting. In his address, curator Dr. Thomas Schriefers talked about the different facets of sitting and the design if seating furniture during the different eras and cultural aspects and stimulated lively discussions.

Sitzpunkte – An exhibition in which one can recognize the workshop character at every turn.
The pedestals and walls already reflect the close connection to the material wood. This character was underlined by the hand-written information on the respective displayed chairs added by the curator of the exhibition, Dr. Thomas Schriefers. Entering the exhibition felt like entering the studio of an architect and looking over his shoulder as he develops creative ideas. The exhibition gave visitors an insight into the different historic eras of seating furniture and the different aspects in private, public, and institutional surroundings. The selected exhibits included the King's mother's chair of a West-African tribal chief from Cameroon.

In only 10 days, the SITZPUNKTE exhibition saw more than 1000 visitors from all age groups who experienced how diverse the topic of sitting is. We were especially happy about this extraordinarily positive resonance.

The Werner Löffler Collection includes more than 1300 authentic chair pieces from three centuries. The focus lies on the cultural significance of the chairs, innovation, characteristics of the materials used, the craftsmanship, the construction, and their aesthetic appearance. Every exhibit is special in its own way and has its own place in the cultural history of sitting, without necessarily being famous. In addition to the "classics" of chair art (which are, of course, there), the collection also focuses on masterworks which may have been overlooked, niche products, and experimental models.

During the exhibition, the visitors were able to find their very own, personal answer to the central question "What is a good chair?" and inscribe it on chalkboards. If you, too, have become curious about this question or are interested in seeing the exhibition, we are always happy to see you at the Werner Löffler Collection. The next guided tour will be on Wednesday, March 16, from 6 pm to 9 pm in Reichenschwand. For additional dates see here:

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