Together to success

Hi, maybe you would like to introduce yourself briefly?
Hi, I am Felix and have been working at LÖFFLER as student trainee since October 2016.

And what exactly are you studying at what university?
I am studying economy with an emphasis on business administration in my final semester at the Friedrich-Alexander-Universität Erlangen-Nuremberg.

Before the interview I heard from one of your colleagues that you went through vocational training before your studies. What exactly did you train for?
After my Abitur I trained as dealer for insurances and finance at an insurance company in Nuremberg.

Why did you decide to study after this training?
I wanted to get more professional training and face new challenges.

And did you find these new challenges at LÖFFLER? Where exactly do you work for us?
There are new challenges every day. I support the internal sales team and also help in the PR and Marketing departments. I continuously receive new insights into different areas of the company. That is exactly what makes it so exciting for me.

Can you tell us about your daily work with us?
I help with administrative activities, quote preparations. I also help with phone consulting and customer service. My range of activities is rounded out by field service support, phone acquisition, and support for the PR/Marketing department.

That must be a nice subject area with exciting responsibilities. Since we sell chairs, I have to ask. What chair do you sit on at LÖFFLER?
At the moment I am sitting on a LEZGO 73 in C05. I must say, quite comfortable. The colour is also very pleasant. Some may not find anthracite very exciting as a colour, but I like this classical, calm style in connection with the design of the chair.

What is your favourite chair by LÖFFLER
That is the chair I sit on, the LEZGO 73. I find the backrest height of the LEZGO 73 great. Add to that the pocket sprung core seat and visco foam and it feels great. The adjustable headrest lets me sit relaxed and comfortable at work all day.

How did you get to be at LÖFFLER?
I became aware of the company through a friend who also works for LÖFFLER. Then I applied and had the luck to be hired.

What do you find special about LÖFFLER products?
I find the combination of ergonomic seats and elegant design unique. Sitting on the flexible seat for hours trains your back. This brings great benefits, especially for an athlete such as myself.  And it looks great. Simply great!

What does a student do at LÖFFLER other than just work?
I go to university lectures, do my papers, study for my exams, develop presentations.  I spend my free time with my family and I do a lot of sports. I definitely never get bored.

Where do you see yourself in a few years, after you get your degree? At LÖFFLER?
After college, I want to get started in the professional world right away. LÖFFLER is definitely a very interesting and attractive business for me. It is constantly growing and I am sure that this company is looking at an exciting development. Concerning your question whether this will be at LÖFFLER: We will see. But I am definitely open to this possibility.

What do you wish for the company in the coming years?
I wish it continued growth. Strengthening the brand LÖFFLER as a type of trademark for quality and service would be great. Increasing the name recognition and solid business administration can result in something great here in Reichenschwand (or wherever the future lies). 

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