Tour of the LÖFFLER world

My GPS gave me great directions – already there. Düsseldorf, in the middle of the industrial district, an old ceramics firing plant with beautiful architecture – parking right outside – great! The LÖFFLER flags, signs, and lots of cardboard signs point me in the right direction. Now I am standing in front of the elevator which does not inspire a lot of trust at first sight – but as soon as it opens I am welcomed by PEGASUS – a sitting sculpture. OK, if PEGASUS can ride on it, so can I. At the end of the ride I am still not all the way up – but already in a large hallway. As I exit the elevator I am welcomed by two Tango dancers on 10 casters and straight ahead already the next eye-catcher – ORGONE and BUCKY – what colours, what extraordinary seating. On we go, another floor up on foot on the stairs. Once arrived, I see fabrics suspended on a crane and as I make my way through the moody lighting in the hallway I pass various chairs in red and black on each side. At the latest at this point I knew that it would be a special evening. As I turn a corner, I am welcomed by a very nice lady who works for LÖFFLER and passed on to the care of her team. This is where things get exciting. I pick up a quick bit at the buffet and enter the first loft:

Several beautiful coat racks have taken up position in the hallway, on the left a stylish kitchen. A standing swinging stool invites me to hang out, but I can't decide – where to sit? Do I prefer farmhouse furniture or will I accept the invitation of the sofas to cuddle up? On the side I am also enjoying a small exhibition of the beautiful collages by Dr. Thomas Schriefers. He has also designed part of the new furniture, such as the new KAKASBOS sofa and the extraordinary brochures of LÖFFLER. He is also involved with the carpets, which catch your eye right away due to their vibrantly painted surfaces. I was able to meet him, he opened the event with a poem. But now we're off to discover sunny Brazil with the BRASILIAN CHAIR – I wonder how comfortable it is? One stands right next to a delicate table, two others stand and chat in front of the shelf. I would love to stay here but I just noticed an ensemble of modern farmhouse furniture. I just have to try this out - or maybe rather flirt with the HOLZER – the stylish seats with extraordinary fabric covers which convey so much clarity and calm together with the HOLZER table? Oh – and back there in the corner on the pedestal – displayed perfectly – NK1 + NK 2 – They look so reserved and yet present, delicate and straight. Despite the many guests in the loft, it is suddenly quiet and you feel like in a quiet place in which you can concentrate. Sitting on NK 1 is really a revelation – it makes do completely without padding and you only see at a second glance that it has a second skin made of leather – very beautiful. Its designer is from Japan, you could have almost guessed that. Mr. Nishikawa himself also showed up to the event together with his wife – I should definitely come back. But now back to mingling and find a spot on the WERNER BLASER furniture – European oak and yet not bulky - how wonderful and comfortable and what a great combination. Just great to sit here and look around. There is light by LUCEMANO – What? A LÖFFLER lamp? Oh yes. And what a lamp – it consists of several spheres and each sphere is its own light source. You can also pick them off, like apples from a tree. They stick with magnets and also shine far away from the tree in a beautiful glass bowl on the table or everywhere where it fits. I just noticed an airy table with chairs in the front area. Let's take a closer look. The chair, CAREGA they are called. Almost invisible and yet appealing. The table can be converted, the table top can be removed quickly and the table height adjusted by tilting the frame – a perfect idea.

Just pick up another yummy snack for the road and off to the second loft next door. I am again greeted by a cosy living-dining area and every chair is different around the large table. This makes the decision difficult – which chair to sit on first? A little further, stacked chairs stretch to the sky in bright colours – Moonraker. Three casual bar stools are hanging out at the bar. One of which matches the magenta kitchen, even the frame of the stool is magenta. Really cool. Let's see whether there are other colours to choose from. Colours go nuts in the next room – different kinds of stools fight over who will be the summer colour in 2017 and compete for the attention of the people. There are also a few swivelling chairs by LÖFFLER+, which immediately attract the attention, since they obviously meet special requirements or are simply comfortable. And if you really need to kick your legs up – there, too, is a solution. It really gets you in the mood for colour and summer and you also pick up lots of information about materials, cover fabrics, and colour variations in passing. Next comes the children's room – there's something for children of all ages - from the JUNIÖR, the little ERGO, via the TANGOLINO, all the way to the SCHÜLERTANGO for pupils – something for everyone. Behind the children's room, we find the passage to the photo studio – the room is occupied by many different swivel chair models, showing off their shapes and variety in the right light.

Almost every room is decorated with an elegant leaning ladder in different colours. I especially liked the one in the kitchen with herbs and kitchen utensils suspended from it. I learned that it is called PACKESEL [beast of burden] and that it actually is not a ladder but a shelf – it's all in the name. I can immediately think of a thousand things I could hang from it or place on it myself at home.

Darkness has fallen outside and before I know it, I am standing together with a few nice people and a glass of wine in my hand. All I have to think about is what piece of LÖFFLER furniture I want to call my own tomorrow. The furniture is not only extraordinary but also comes with a 30-year guarantee – what great furniture, what nice people, and what a great evening!

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