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Create a real workplace at home

Whether the current Covid-19 situation or a change of company policy led to you working from home: There is the possibility that this is not a one-off thing; you may be working from your home’s four walls for weeks or even months. Therefore, it is important that your home office is at minimum as ergonomic as your workplace was in your place of business. The most important tip for this sounds very simple: Set up a real workplace instead of working here and there. Sure: the mobility of a laptop is perfectly fine, a change of perspective and keeping your blood flowing is after all important. However, for a healthy working environment, a permanent workplace that is tailored to you and your body is essential. It would be the best for you have your own office or a room you designate for work, preferably with a door that you can close in order to avoid distractions. Alternatively, an office corner that you set up for the duration of your time working from home makes a big difference, especially in contrast to working at the kitchen table. Also, pay attention to a friendly atmosphere, for example decorate with indoor plants and as much daylight as possible, this can help avoid the gloomy feeling that comes with a dark office space

The basics of ergonomic sitting

The real ergonomics begin with the technology, for example with the work computer: If you work with a laptop, you also use an ergonomic keyboard and a mouse, as well as a laptop stand, to enable an upright, ergonomic sitting position. If your screen, be it a monitor or laptop, forces you to look down permanently, you will probably feel it on your neck after just one working day. If necessary, help yourself with books to raise the laptop - your neck will thank you.

If you want to avoid back pain permanently, you also need a height-adjustable desk and, above all, an ergonomic office swivel chair. We offer you the perfect addition to a swivel chair with our original products, our ERGO mobile seat / stool. This must actively support your body, yet offer freedom of movement and it must prompt you to change your sitting position regularly. Mind you without being uncomfortable. We recommend our products from our PREMIUM range: an ergonomic, high-quality office chair with our time tested ERGO TOP technology for all-round moving, active and healthy sitting.

Desk and office chair are ready? Perfect. Then you should now set your workplace that you can sit as described in the picture below. The most important thing is the 90 degree angle of the legs, the screen distance, and the elbows resting on the armrests to prevent your arms from getting tired.

Your ergonomic office chair in detail

If your desk also offers the option to work standing up, you should utilize it from time to time in order to relieve your muscles and spine. Most desks do not have this option; however, after adjusting to your seat height, the flexibility is exhausted. That is why it is all the more important that you adjust your office chair exactly to your body. In order for you to achieve this perfectly and for better understanding the background behind the individual setting options; we will explain the options in detail:

Seat height: The adjustment of the seat height on the lever of the right rotary handle is essential. The soles of your feet must lie flat on the floor and you shouldnot be forced to bend your legs out to sit comfortably for long periods.

Backrest: Only if the backrest really lies against the back it can support your spine and thus prevent postural damage. The height of the LÖFFLER chairs can be changed in eight steps by simply lifting them.

Back pressure: Use the right rotary handle under the seat to set the back pressure of the synchronous mechanism, which controls the synchronous movement between the seat and backrest. Rock back and forth several times during adjustment until the back pressure of the backrest feels comfortable.

Backrest lock: On our BASIC model, the lever for the lock is located next to the lever for the seat height. But with the PREMIUM models you use the left rotary handle. For active, moving sitting, it is perfectly fine if you sit with a rocking backrest and sometimes with a fixed backrest.

Seat depth (only for LÖFFLER Premium): The seat depth setting is an additional comfort function that you control using the lever on the left rotary handle of the PREMIUM model. For an optimal sitting position, adjust it so that the seat is flush with the back of your knees.

Armrests: Use the buttons on the armrests to move them up and down. Adjust itso that your arms rest but you don't pull your shoulders - the latter would cause neck pain in the long run. Adjust the length of the armrests as you feel comfortable.

Further details and explanations can be found on our subpage regarding the functionalities of the LÖFFLER office swivel chairs and in the product instructions.

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