Corona sends Germany to the home office

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Corona presents companies and employees with completely new challenges - but unfortunately, when it comes to restructuring work environments, it happens so quickly that health aspects are neglected. Now more than ever, the following applies: Sit active  - and therefore healthy.

Back health at the workplace at home

For us, COVID-19 means restrictions - in our work as well as in our private life. But it also means responsibility: Responsibility for everyone who needs our help in these times. Responsibility for employees and colleagues, for their health and a safe job in a crisis-proof company. Responsibility for society and for a working world that has to adapt to completely new requirements during this time.

Specifically, for employees and entrepreneurs it means an unexpected need for home office opportunities: Because in times of Corona, those who can work do so more and more from home - sometimes in the home office, sometimes simply at the kitchen table or even from the Couch. What sounds cozy at first is a torture with back and shoulder pain after the second day at the latest.

A dilemma: Out of consideration for your own and the health of others, people withdraw to their homes to work - and there they unintentionally ruin other aspects of your well-being. As specialists in ergonomics and manufacturers of office chairs, this is an intolerable situation for us. LÖFFLER therefore made a decision: German home office workplaces must become ergonomic. The best way to get there is fast, uncomplicated and affordable access to moving sitting for every employee in Germany: that's why you can rent LÖFFLER office chairs from today on - without major investments, without bureaucracy and with the shortest possible delivery times.

Set up your ergonomic home office now

We offer you the opportunity to bring an ergonomic office chair home and test it with a 31-day return policy. With our extensive LÖFFLER range you get an office swivel chair or stool with our patented ERGO TOP technology and sit active.

However, we do not only offer our services to private individuals: If you would like to actively support your employees in setting up a healthy workplace in the home office during this time, we will support you in the rapid planning and implementation of this project, depending on your needs, we can also accommodate special conditions.

We advise you: Use this crisis as an opportunity. At the moment it is not yet possible to say when the situation triggered by COVID-19 will normalize or whether the trend towards home office will flatten out afterwards. Even before Corona, the opportunity to work from home was considered one of the most attractive employer benefits. The result: A real job in your own home is becoming more important than ever. In addition to the right technology, which has become a matter of course in most companies, this also includes a back-friendly, movement-promoting office chair. Because even in the home office, the corona virus is by no means the only danger to the health of your employees.

Alternative seating solutions: When an ergonomic workplace is not possible

Young employees and young professionals in particular now tend to take their back health lightly - but some can not do otherwise: Small apartments do not always offer the opportunity to set up a full workplace, let alone an office. Apart from the space at the kitchen table, there is often no other option to implement the possibility of, or sometimes the arrangement of, home offices. But sitting for  8 hours a day on a kitchen chair for weeks and possibly even months? In the long run, even with an extraordinarily large number of screen pauses.

In this case, we recommend a seating solution that is in no way inferior to our office chairs when it comes to ergonomics: the ERGO. Our most popular stool offers ERGO-TOP technology for active sitting and, if desired, a floor rocker - thanks to the combination of both, it is automatically upright and, above all, moving and therefore gentle on the back. Because the small stool takes up little space, it can easily be stowed under or next to the kitchen or dining table when you are not working.

As you can see: regardless of your current living situation, you don't have to work without ergonomics or make compromises in your back health even in times of home office and corona. We take our responsibility in this area seriously - and therefore make you the following offer: We can solve your current problem in regard to an ergonomic home office. Register at and tell us about it. We will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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