Right of withdrawal

Cancellation policy

(1) Consumers shall be entitled the right of revocation described hereafter:

Right of revocation

You shall have the right to revoke this agreement within fourteen days without stating reasons.

The revocation period shall be fourteen days after the day,
in case of a purchase contract: in which you or a third party designated by you who is not the forwarder took possession of the goods or;
in case of a contract for several goods that you ordered as part of a uniform order and that are delivered separately: in which your or a third party designated by you who is not the forwarder took possession of the goods or;
in case of a contract for the delivery of goods in several partial deliveries or pieces: in which you or a third party designated by you who is not the forwarder took possession of the last partial delivery or the last piece.

To declare your right of revocation, you must submit a clear of declaration your decision to revoke this contract to us (LÖFFLER GmbH, Rosenstraße 8, 91244 Reichenschwand, Germany, fax: +49 (0) 91 51 – 83 00 8-88, Tel. +49 (0) 91 51 – 83 00 8-72). You may use the included sample revocation form but this is not required. To meet the revocation deadline it is sufficient for you to send your declaration of the exercise of your right of revocation prior to the expiration of the revocation period.

Consequences of revocation

In the event that you revoke this contract, we must repay any payments we received from you without delay within fourteen days of the date on which we received on which we received the notice of your revocation of the contract. We will use the same payment method for the refund that you used for the original transaction unless we expressly agreed to something else with you; under no circumstances will you be charged a fee for such refunds.

We may refuse to issue refunds until the goods have been returned to us or you prove that you sent the goods back to us, whichever occurs first.

You must return the goods without delay and in any case within fourteen days of the day on which you notified us of your revocation to the LÖFFLER GmbH Rosenstraße 8 - D-91244 Reichenschwand, Germany - Email: shop@loeffler.de – Tel.: +49 (0) 91 51 – 83 00 8-72 - Fax: +49 (0) 91 51 – 83 00 8-88. This deadline shall be met if you send the goods prior to the expiration of the fourteen-day period.

We shall bear the direct costs of the return.

You will only be required to cover the loss of value of goods if the loss of value is due to treatment of the goods by you that is not necessary for assessing the condition, qualities or functionality of the goods.

(2) Consumers may return goods voluntarily for up to 31 days after receipt of the goods:

In addition to the statutory right of revocation described above we grant the customer a voluntary return guarantee of 31 days after receipt of the goods.

The customer may also withdraw from the contract after the expiration of the 14-day revocation period by sending the goods back to us within 31 days of their receipt (beginning from the day after the receipt of the goods) if the goods are in their complete original packaging and undamaged. Sending the goods on time shall be sufficient for meeting the deadline.

Goods must be returned to: LÖFFLER GmbH Rosenstraße 8 - 91244 Reichenschwand, Germany.

Should the product be returned after the expiration of this period or if it was used or damaged beyond normal use or is not returned in its original packaging, we shall reserve the right to refuse its return and to deny refunds for it.

The contractually granted voluntary return guarantee shall leave the legal rights and claims of the customer unaffected. Especially the statutory revocation right and the legal guarantee claims of the customer shall remain in place without limitation.

(3) Customers who are not consumers in the sense of § 1 of these GTC shall receive no rights of revocation.

(4) The provider shall use the sample revocation form for notifications in accordance with statutory regulations:
Revocation forms

You can send your revocation to us directly through our shop here or by post. The respective form can be found here in PDF form.